Hashtags are used to tag social media posts so they can be grouped or found easily. Hashtags make it easy to find and follow conversations on topics you are interested in.

Most commonly used on Twitter where they started, hashtags are now used by people on Facebook, Instagram and other social sites.

For example some people posting on Twitter and Facebook about the topic “Mobile Ministry” (Christian ministry using mobile devices and apps) will usually use the hashtag #mobmin

This way if someone is looking for posts on Mobile Ministry, they can simply search the hashtag – #mobmin

  • To see what hashtags are trending in different countries – Trendsmap
  • To search for posts using hashtags – Hshtags.com
  • To get statistics on hashtag use search at – Hashtags.org

Tha Hashtags I primarily follow include:

  • #mobmin – tags tweets which involve mobile phone use in Christian ministry
  • #churchtech – tags tweets which involve technology used in church – local and global
  • #digimin – Im going to start using this one – referring to digital ministry, Ill tag and retweet posts which involve the use of digital technologies and Christian ministry
  • #edtech – tagged on tweets relating to use of digital technologies in learning and teaching
  • #AllBlacks – New Zealand rugby union team

Top Christian Hashtags

  • #Bible
  • #Christian
  • #Christianity
  • #churchtech (technology use in churches)
  • #faith
  • #faithandtech
  • #God
  • #Godsnotdead
  • #Jesus
  • #JesusSaves
  • #JesusTweets
  • #mobmin (posts focused on Mobile Ministry)
  • #Scripture
  • #theology

Plus these added from comments below:

  • #churchsocm
  • #ieway

Using hashtags in ministry?

Whenever you are posting a faith related post, consider adding the hashtag #faith. People searching for posts on faith will find posts (like yours) using that hashtag.  You could also use the hashtag #atheism – why not? Drop a stone in the pond of those gathering posts using that hashtag.

Monitor the hashtags which are trending at the moment and if relevant to your content use one of those. Trending = more people using and following.

Search for relevant content by searching using a hashtag, the results will provide you with content containing the hashtag searched for.

Which other Hashtags can you suggest we add?  Comment below.