Qrafter iOS appQrafter Pro is an iOS app available now for USD$2.99.  It’s an app which lets you scan QR codes and also generate your own QR codes (as well as Data Matrix and Aztec Codes – which are just other types of scanable codes….)

Qrafter Pro is very simple to use, when you open the app the Scan button is there to tap, scan the QR code using your device’s camera and bang, Qrafter will present the information found in the QR code.

One feature that is cool but you probably wont use very often is the ability to scan a QR code from your Camera Photo Album.  You would use this if you wanted to capture the QR code information from a code which is on your phone’s screen.

For example you might be on a website which displays a QR code containing text information. You cant scan it, so take a screenshot, save to Camera Album, then open Qrafter and instead of scan choose “Scan from Photo Albums”.

Why I like Qrafter Pro mostly is that it can generate QR codes for me which I can customise.

iOS App store link – https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/qrafter-pro-qr-code-barcode/id468610525?mt=8

Qrafter Pro Core Features

  • fast scanning of QR codes
  • scans virtually all types of codes
  • generate own QR Codes (customise the colour if you want)
  • available on iPhone and iPad, last update January 2016, requires iOS 7 or later

Qrafter Pro can extract the following information from the codes it scans:

• Web page and Bookmark URLs
• Map URLs
• iTunes URLs
• Facebook URLs
• Twitter URLs
• Foursquare URLs
• Yelp URLs
• Raw geographical coordinates
• vCard information
• meCard information
• iCalendar event information
• Tweets
• Phone numbers
• Email addresses
• YouTube video URLs
• Wi-Fi network information
• Encrypted text
• Plain text

How could I use Qrafter in Christian ministry?

  • create QR codes to create Calendar events for use in presentations and print
  • create QR codes to use in presentations to send people to a website, Youtube clip (any web address)
  • create a QR code containing church contact details for use in printed resources (posters, newsletters, business cards)
  • create a QR code containing a text Bible verse – print out on stickers and place in areas around town

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