Wunderlist – Keep your life in sync

Wunderlist is a great productivity app available to install on all your devices – iOS, Android, the web, Apple Watch, OSX and Windows.

Easily create a List then add Tasks.  Lists can be shared with other Wunderlist users, for example – create a Family Shopping list instead of a note on the fridge!

Due dates can also be set in Wunderlist so you can be sure not to forget to get that Task completed.

Wunderlist – the Basics:

  • free version suitable for most people wanting a personal task manager
  • lists synchronise to all devices the app is installed on
  • create shared Lists with other Wunderlist users
  • great interface, can easily move Tasks between Lists
Is Wunderlist free?

The free version of Wunderlist is great and you will find that you can do pretty much everything you want without going “Pro”. The Pro version is mainly for people wanting to use Wunderlist in Business with teams of people where you want to manage tasks people are completing, but the free version lets you share lists with others also.

How can I use in ministry?

Wunderlist keeps track of tasks – so you can organise your own tasks into Lists. You will have personal lists, such as Food Shopping, House Maintenance, To Do, Movies to watch, Things to Buy, Items Borrowed, Items Loaned, but you can also create Lists for ministry purposes – Books to read, Scripture to Memorise, Favourite verses, Songs to Learn, Music list, Homegroup Ideas.  Remember these lists can be shared with other Wunderlist users with a simple button click.