Techmissionary – Richard Daniel –


yesHeis is a group working globally through digital media and networks to reach millions for Jesus Christ.

Supporting the Church and churches by enabling easy access to multimedia supporting the sharing of the Good News of Jesus, yesHeis helps us make use of the technologies that we carry around with us and use to interact with others daily or multiple times a day.

Richard DanielIn the connected world that we live in through digital technologies the yesHeis app provides us with resources and the tool to share those resources with others easily and quickly.

With a background in radio and film Richard understands communications, and is Director of the Australian office.

First up, tell us what things you enjoy doing when you’re not working with yesHeis?

Church activities, love watching sport including cricket and tennis. Family activities and travel are also on the agenda.


What is yesHeis all about, describe the ministry?

yesHEis is a tool by which Christians can share the Gospel on line in a natural way. It links up with most social networks around the world and showcases video material suitable to share. YHI also offers follow up and our main aim is to Build the Local Church, as such all our responses are directed back to local churches.

What inspired the development/creation of the ministry?

The growth of social networks and the lack of good evangelical short Christian Video material for people to share on line with friends and family. Note, YHI is not an online video “God channel” where Christians go to be entertained with good quality video material, but rather it is a source of content that is available so people can SHARE their faith.


yesHeis app icon

yesHeis app icon

How do digital technologies support or enhance your ministry?

We are all Digital, in fact our Mobile app is more important than the website. All that we do focuses on digital platforms.


Are there any key/specific scriptures which are commonly shared with your ministry staff?

Many, however Jesus’ command to GO into all the world would be the most predominant. We are “Going” into the world via social networks. Note that if Facebook was a country it would be the third biggest country in the world, so the Harvest is large via the internet.


If you travel to different countries, what differences stand out to you regarding technology uses you’ve observed?

I spend a lot of time travelling into Asia. In many of these countries like Korea, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore (plus a lot of India)… technology is advanced even faster and easier than Australia. However, we are also starting to move into countries like Vietnam and Myanmar and in these regions technology is just beginning. Let me add that I don’t think it will be long before places like Vietnam catch up very quickly as new businesses require faster internet access for growth.


What ways do you use technologies yourself for your own spiritual growth or for introducing others to Christ?

Several Apps, including YHI. I read the Bible from an app as well especially as I travel.


If you had an unlimited budget, what technology would you equip your ministry, yourself and your staff with this week?

More good quality short video content to share. In English there is lots, however in Countries like China there is not a great deal to choose from.


yesHeis logoHow do you collaborate with others in your ministry teams using technology?

Regular meetings, updates on innovation. CV Global has as one of its Core plans for 2016 to be sure we are fully up to date with the latest innovation.


Are you closely connected with any other ministries because of technology?

This is a growth area for CV. Yes we are connected to several other ministries and this will grow as we share recourses and content.


What hardware and software do you find yourself using most frequently?

The yesHEis app, Adobe video editing, several photo apps. Also several communication and meeting app’s like GOMeeting. As we operate in over 20 countries around the world, communication for meetings is important. We also use sevarl down load applications like DropBox etc.


What technology developments over the last 5 years have impacted your ministry activities most significantly?

The most prominent would be taking yesHEis and turning it into an app. Now the app is more relevant than the web site.

What technology skills are you looking for when recruiting new ministry staff?

There are several areas, for the app however we need developers with coding experience.


Within your ministry what training in technology do you provide your staff or those you connect with?

We usually employ fully trained coding staff, however each year our staff will attend some form of training event to keep them up to date and well informed.


Where do you go for new technology information as you plan ahead for future ministry activities?

Several conferences around the globe plus conferences in Australia


What trends in technology are inspiring developments in your ministry?

App development and mobile technology.


How do you use available technologies to communicate what your ministry is doing?

Mostly in communication apps and websites, like Skype, GotoMeeting etc. We also have an internal network set up for communication and also a Facebook internal page and prayer listing.


Have you any stories you can share where you’ve clearly seen God doing things through digital technologies that wouldn’t have been possible without it?

The Development of yesHEis would be a great example of this. From its humble beginning, it is now in 9 languages and growing plus in over 20 countries around the world.


Where do you go for technical support in using digital technologies?

CV has over 25 techical staff with full time employment. We have our own support base technically. The Australia office is the Technical Global base for yesHEis


Within the Christian mission community are there other ministries you regularly connect with for support or collaboration?

Several app ministries, like YouVersion Bible app, Campus Crusade for Christ, other Media as well.


Is there a software or hardware reseller you’d like to give a subtle promotion for?

We have developed our own YHI software, all done internally.


What influences your technology purchasing decisions the most?

Speed and mobility.


As you observe people around you using digital technologies how do you see them using technology missionally?

Definitely Mobile, more people are watching content on their phones and this is the market we are aiming for.


From your role in a technology ministry what technologies do you see in the next five years having impact for the Gospel?

More Mobility and also being able to interact with people instantly. If they have a religious question, they usually want an answer quickly as well before the moment goes.

What app are you using more than any other?

yesHEis plus Google Maps, The Bible.


How can people best connect with your ministry?

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