InstaQuote is a great little easy to use app for turning your words into art and sharing them.

You’ve probably seen plenty of Bible verses and quotes shared on social media to encourage and motivate others.  If you want an easy way to create your own then start with InstaQuote.

It’s really simple to use – add your text, select a font, choose a background, then you can tweak everything as much as you like.  There are set templates to modify, use your own backgrounds, it really is an easy to app to use with many, many possible creations.

I like that you can simply make different words different colours for impact, and that you can use your own background images and blur or brighten or change the saturation of that background to fit the image you want.

InstaQuote Core Features

  • 20 fashionably designed templates
  • Choose backgrounds from high quality background collections
  • Use your own photos for backgrounds
  • Export to Instagram, your camera roll, Facebook, or Twitter
  • Use As Background feature to layer different fonts
  • Customize your words – font size, color, alignment, position & line spacing
  • Tap on words to add emphasis
  • Change the hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, or blur your background
  • 50+ unique and creative font choices

How could I use InstaQuote in Christian ministry?

Within our own friendship groups we value the sayings of others and become aware of particular needs, fears or desires of our friends and contacts.

Creating and sharing some key Bible verses or words of encouragement on social media with our friends can be a positive impact for Christ amongst a densely media packed stream of information which comes through social media.

  • Share key sermon verses with your local church or lifegroup.
  • Encourage a friend struggling or showing courage with an issue.
  • Create and print cards to share with people you know or leave where you go for people the Lord wants to find them.

InstaQuote is available for iOS and Android

In app purchases include background images.

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