While a Google search may be one of the most common things any of us do when on the internet, there are a few things when it comes to doing a search that help us get better results quicker.

Here are 7 tips for getting better Google search results.

  1. Use specific phrasing rather than keywords

    Instead of just entering a couple of key words into the search box, use the exact phrase connected to your search.  For example – enter – “who is the cast of Star Wars 7” rather than “star wars cast”.
    My searches are usually question based so I will simply enter the whole question – eg. How do I add a hyperlink to an image in html”  and I will usually get results where a webpage explains exactly the answer to my question.

  2. Exclude words

    If you want to exclude certain words from your search put a ”  –  “ symbol in front of the word to exclude. If you want mobile phone offers but not from Telstra, try entering “Australia mobile phone deals -Telstra”

  3. Search within a website

    If you want to just search one website you can specify that by entering the website address after “site:”
    In your search for example enter – “site:missionaltech.net password security”

  4. Search for specific file types

    If you are looking for a specific file type – eg. an MP3 of R2D2 from Star Wars, try entering “R2D2 sound effect filetype:mp3”

  5. Search for a Phone Number

    If you’re wanting to find who called you from an unknown number enter – “phonebook:” then the number.  For example – “phonebook:074044 3044”

  6. Search for Related sites

    If you want to find other sites that Google thinks are related then enter “related:” before the site address.
    Entering “related:BibleBox.org” will return a list of sites which Google thinks are similar.

  7. Reverse Image search

    Ever had an image that you wanted to know what it was?
    Go to Google Image search, click on the camera icon and upload an image to search for others similar!