Do you need easily record and access many notes?  Not just text, but images? Websites? Documents?

Evernote is a notes app, designed to help you create and organise multiple notebooks which contain any number of notes. What I like most is that it will sync across all my devices – Windows, OSX, WWW, iOS and Android.

Evernote is a free app which enables you to create digital Notebooks which then contain Notes. A note can be Text, Image, Audio, Scanned document, files and more.  The Premium version is the one I strongly recommend though (currently USD$30 for the Plus version and USD$57 for the Premium version).

The free version will let you create Notebooks with Notes, allow you to share Notebooks with other Evernote users or publicly with the link, sync notes across devices and will suit you if you are always connected to the internet as offline notes/notebooks is a Premium feature.

The search function of Evernote is fantastic. You can add Tags to notes to help you organise things if you like, but you’ll find that the Search is so great that notes are easily found.  The Premium version will even search for text in images and inside attached documents.

But as always try the free version first, then when it doesnt do things that you would like it to do, have a look at the Premium features!

Premium features include:

  • 10 GB of new uploads each month
  • Access notes when you’re offline
  • Search in Office docs & attachments
  • Turn notes into presentations
  • Clip from anywhere on the web
  • Share and discuss in Evernote
  • Sync across phones and computers
  • Scan and digitize business cards
  • Add passcode lock on mobile apps
  • See content related to your notes
  • Annotate attached PDFs
  • Save emails into Evernote


How you can use Evernote in Ministry

  • Download a Bible Study template for Evernote here
  • Create a “Church Sermons” Evernote notebook to record sermon notes
  • Record your devotional notes in an Evernote notebook. Perhaps share with a mentor or partner
  • Use Evernote to create a Note of links to Christian websites which you can then share with others
  • In a notebook record image notes of ministry expense receipts
  • Use Evernote in presentation mode to present your sermons or devotions from when leading
  • have a team shared Notebook for your ministry team or Lifegroup


Notes on Importing the Evernote Bible Study template


  1. Unzip the downloaded template file
  2. Open Evernote Select File>Import>Evernote Export Files…
  3. Browse to and select the downloaded Evernote file “Evernote Bible Study Template.enex”
  4. Evernote will create a new notebook called “Imported Notes” and place the file there
  5. Relocate the Bible Study note to wherever you want

Mac OS X Lion

  1. Unzip the downloaded template file
  2. Double click the extracted Evernote file “Evernote Bible Study Template.enex”
  3. Evernote will open and ask if you want to import the file and the tags.
  4. Make your choice and click Continue
  5. Evernote creates a new Notebook called “Import Bible Study” and places the Bible Study note there
  6. Relocate the Bible Study note to wherever you want