Author: MissionalTech

Ministry Tool: QRafter Pro – Scan and Generate QR Codes

Qrafter Pro is an iOS app available now for USD$2.99.  It’s an app which lets you scan QR codes and also generate your own QR codes (as well as Data Matrix and Aztec Codes – which are just other types of scanable codes….) Qrafter Pro is very simple to use, when you open the app the Scan button is there to tap, scan the QR code using your device’s camera and bang, Qrafter will present the information found in the QR code. One feature that is cool but you probably wont use very often is the ability to scan...

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How to – Create a QR code for an Event

Previously we explained what QR Codes are and how you could use them in ministry. Let’s now look at how you can create a QR code. In this How to we will create a QR code which will create an Event in a calendar. Go to – When first loads you’ll see that there are a bunch of options for creating QR codes available – from a website link to a PayPal payment link.   From that list of options select – Event (VCALENDAR) Complete the information fields which appear in Step 2 Choose a colour if...

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Create and use QR Codes in ministry

QR Codes – you’ve probably heard about them. you’ve most likely seen them. But how could you use a QR Code? QR Codes are like barcodes – they might look just like a bunch of black and white squares grouped together but the way they are laid out enables them to store all kinds of information – for sharing in different ways. You can create QR Codes which will: create and store  Contact card information create and send an SMS text message to a set number give an Android device details it needs to join a particular wifi network...

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