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Techmissionary – Tim Young – LightSys Technology Services

Techmissionary Interview – Tim Young – I don’t expect that any of the techmissionary folks interviewed by MissionalTech want to be in any sort of lime-light, but these are people who work and support the use of technology in missional ways to further God’s kingdom and support the Church and their perspectives are worth sharing. “LightSys is a fellowship of believers serving and praying together for spiritual fruitfulness and the fulfillment of Jesus’ Great Commission. LightSys partners in the evangelisation of the world by providing IT consulting, training, software development, and missions mobilization, to equip missions and missionaries and provide the...

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BibleBox – Easily share Bible resources using Wifi

With so many people using wifi enabled mobile devices it’s common to see people out in public browsing the web, on social media, or doing any number of things on their smartphones and tablets. How can a Christian engage in ministry in that context?  If you’re in a location where you regularly see people sitting on their phones, how can you introduce them to Christ and spiritual things through that technology? The BibleBox gives you a way to distribute Christian resources wirelessly and anonymously. A mobile ministry which is easy to engage with. What is a BibleBox? The BibleBox...

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Techmissionary – Antoine Wright – Mobile Ministry Magazine

Techmissionary – Antoine RJ Wright – Mobile Ministry Magazine I first came across Mobile Ministry Magazine somewhere between 2006 and 2008. I was working for and we were exploring ways in which mobile devices could be used to share Gospel resources and digital Bibles to isolated people. Then in 2010 I met Antoine Wright the primary voice behind MMM, at the BibleTech conference in San Francisco.  Here was a guy who was passionate about Christ, the good news and using mobile technologies. Passionate and super smart!  A combination which makes Antoine a valued leader and contributor to discussions on technology...

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Interview – Richard Daniel – yesHeis

Techmissionary – Richard Daniel – yesHeis is a group working globally through digital media and networks to reach millions for Jesus Christ. Supporting the Church and churches by enabling easy access to multimedia supporting the sharing of the Good News of Jesus, yesHeis helps us make use of the technologies that we carry around with us and use to interact with others daily or multiple times a day. In the connected world that we live in through digital technologies the yesHeis app provides us with resources and the tool to share those resources with others easily and quickly. With a...

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How to – use your iPhone in Christian Ministry: The Missional iPhone

Most of us use our mobile phones multiple times a day for a wide variety of activities.  How can you use your iPhone missionally?  How can you use it to enhance your personal Christian growth, the faith of others, or just being more organised? The Missional iPhone – Campbell Smythe – from Campbell Smythe have you got some suggestions for other missional uses for your iPhone – or other smartphone?  leave a comment...

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