Author: Campbell Smythe

How to – Share your Faith Journey using Snapchat

I see my kids and others using Snapchat Stories to post to their friends and followers the experiences they are having during the day. ┬áThere seems to be a culture of keeping up with others by sharing the short video known as a “Snap”, sometimes with the addition of text overlays or emoticons to highlight something. Snapchat is a social media app which enables sharing short videos or images to your followers. Snapchat has this feature called “Stories”, and when you create and share a “Snap” you have the option to post it to “My Story”. ┬áThese stories stay...

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Ministry Tool: Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is a notetaking tool included in Microsoft Office and now available on your web browser or as a mobile app for android and iOS. When using Onedrive you can sync it across computer and mobile devices to record notes which can include text, images, audio, video

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